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My name is Cynthia Eyer, and I am the owner and founder of the White Phoenix Awen Center. I founded the Center to be resource for others in finding their Truth amidst all their shadows. As a child, I have experienced death from pneumonia, twice, and given up for dead every year for the first five (5) years of my life. I have experienced poverty, my younger years growing up in a two-room log cabin with no running water, plumbing, sewage, or electricity, and being moved around because our father “ran” away from his shadows rather than allowing them to inform him of the Truth for him. Even as he was a brilliant, intelligent Master Plumber, his younger, abusive years and early enlistment into the Army with his brothers during the Korean war wreaked havoc with his heart-mind connection, leaving him to search for what he felt was lost in the bottom of alcohol bottles and the only thing he knew to fight his inner demons—abuse on others. I also experienced early childhood molestation from several males and one female, as well as physical, mental, and emotional abuse. There was a lot of trauma informing me of my value, worth, and self-esteem, which transferred into trust issues all my life.

I joined the Army at 17 years of age so I could leave the abusive, alcoholic environment I grew up in. I soon found myself in my first marriage, mired in the same extremely abusive, alcohol and drug induced relationships I ran from. I stayed single, raising my only child and son from age of 2 years on my own, while serving in the Army. My son, John S. Callahan II, joined the Navy as an Aviation Ordinance Specialist. He was training in the B.U.D.D.S. program with the Navy Seals in Virginia Beach, VA when, on 21 Sept 2003, there was a fatal accident and he ascended. He was 23 years of age. A couple of years after his ascension I remarried, only to find myself in yet another vile relationship with alcoholism.

While in that marriage I decided to go back to college for Psychiatry. I wanted to know the why for all my experiences and following choices in my life. I knew that I was repeating the same patterns because I hadn’t learned the lessons my own Shadows held and make choices from the illumination those Shadows could offer me. My personal relationships were from a place of pain and my two choices with my two ex-husbands were the need to be needed by someone in pain just as much as myself. We were pain buddies.

I obtained my BA in General Psychology and MA in Transpersonal EcoPsychology. I also attended the S.W.A.T. Institute to obtain my certification in Empowerment Coaching for Women.

This Center is my gift to all of you who want to know your own why for all your experiences and following choices in your own life, as well as your Truth in and for your life. May it be the enriching offering that brings you Divine abundance in all areas of your life, rising you up from your own ashes to fulfill your greatest potentiality, your sharpened edge between your shadows and your light. May you become unencumbered from your past and rise like the powerful, embodied Phoenix that you are.

Croeso Cynnes &


(Thank you)


“Empowerment coaching with Cynthia Eyer it’s life changing. Her intuitive nature and wisdom is phenomenal. She teaches you to go within, heal yourself, reconnect with your authentic self and give you the tools you need to transform your life one step at the time in the direction you wish to achieve in your life.”

Angelika Surmaczewska

“Cynthia is a smart, warm coach. She is very calm and that is the quality I find most attractive. She is also well spoken and well educated. I highly recommend her!”

Janice Bracerro

“I love having the opportunity to be coached by Cynthia, as she always provides a new and fresh perspective to help me grow…in a manner that is thought provoking and empowering.”

Pat Burrows

Trauma Coach
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