I find great pleasure in learning the relativity to my own life in comprehending something and that comprehension affords me a level of discernment in the application in, of, and for my life. We can possess all the understanding of information there is about something, and it is only when we discern how that information is relative to ourselves do we possess comprehension. When we apply that comprehension to our life, then it becomes wisdom. The comfort grows even greater when we question our WHY of our comprehension.  Sunny Dawn Johnston, in her Elev8 Program Steps, emphasizes to us all that we must learn our WHY for everything so that we may know our own Truth.

One’s Truth comes from one’s view, or vantage point, gaining one’s perspective of the experience, which is one’s view, or vantage point, stored in the body’s memory banks, and the brain’s memory centers, which then is combined with one’s Perception of all experiences collected throughout their lifetime, and presented as one’s perspective in that moment. The combination of three presents as one’s Truth of reality. I would first like to explain the three terms.

  1. Viewpoint or Vantagepoint – Information received from all Seven Sensory Centers. The seven sensory centers are Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell, Taste, Our Sixth Sense of knowing something is present prior to detection, and our Seventh Sense, which is also known as our “Gut Feelings” after detection. The Sixth and Seventh Senses we feel throughout our entire body. More on this later.
  2. Perspective – Information shared between the body’s Heart Center and the Brain. The heart has its own Neurological Center. They found this out in 2008 and published the findings in 2018. The brain has a blueprint of the entire creation of our entire body, inside and out. Everything except the Heart. When we experience something with our sensory centers, we first receive it in our body  where the Heart stores the experience in the body while simultaneously sending the information to the brain. The brain then sends mirror neurons based on that information to the body to respond. Once something is experienced it is stored forever in both the body and the brain. It is only until the brain receives different information from the heart that the brain then sends different mirror neurons to the body’s endocrine systems for a changed response. When we lose a digit or a limb we have phantom pain. The Brain hasn’t comprehended that the body part is missing, so it continues to send messages to the nerve endings that there is damage. We solve this by tricking the brain into thinking the missing body part is now whole though Mirror Psychology. Say my left hand is now missing. I place the left arm in a box with a mirror on the outside of the box facing the right arm. I then place the right arm in the open space facing the mirror. As I move the hand and do things with it, I also use the left arm in the same motions of turning, lifting, moving right and left, etc. Over time, this tricks the brain into seeing the left hand as healed and whole again and stops sending messages to the nerve endings. The phantom pain stops. The heart receives the awe and wonder of this trick and sends the information to the brain, who then sends the mirroring information of this awe and wonder to the body’s response centers.
  3. Perception – The history of shared information between the body’s and brain’s memory banks which is then perceived as one’s reality. This is one’s Truth.

These three terms are very different, yet all three are required to work in tandem with each other for us to experience life. We experience Feelings in the theater of the body and we experience Emotions in the theater of the mind. The mind is our conditioned, colonized Ego, it is not our brain. Our brain is the computer and the mind is the conditioning of that computer derived from the memory banks of the body and the brain. Emotions become our rationalization of experiences.  Our rationalization is a conclusion of the shared information of an experience, known as our PERSPECTIVE. What we store in the body’s and brain’s information centers and perceive as our Truth and our Reality for every experience similar to the one repeatedly experienced becomes our PERCEPTION of all similar and perceived future experiences.  Simply stated, we tell ourselves that every similar experience will bring us the same conclusion.

An example of one such experience is me being left-handed. There are several old myths around being left-handed. To use your left hand to offer someone something meant you were being cursed, disguised as a gift, or to use your left hand in creating herbal remedies was to create a poison, or that left-handed people were unlucky people and anything from them was to receive bad luck. There are some countries that look upon those who use their left hand to eat with as a sign the person is “unclean.” Being born in the deep South, these myths were readily taught as being born under or with evil omens. I remember an incident at the age of just over a year old. I recalled the memory to my mother and she told me how old I was and couldn’t believe I could actually remember this incident. We were all sitting at dinner and I picked up my spoon with my left hand. One of my parents reached over, smacked my hand, and put the spoon in my right hand. My PeePaw reached over, put the spoon back in my left hand and proceeded to scold my parents for trying to change my natural tendency to be left hand and told them to leave me alone. 

If I had been forced to use my right hand I would have been forced to live a lie because of myths that damned me as an evil person, borne of fear within the lie in the myths. I would have grown thinking that every time I used my left hand for anything, I would be slapped and that the use of it meant I was cursed, or I cursed people in that use. I also would have been forced to use the opposite side of my brain, the left side, which is not what my brain initially programmed my mind to be. As a result, neurologically, I could have had a life experiencing seizures. My Truth in many areas would have been warped lie. This is how easy it is to have our Truth taken from us.

Another lie of someone’s Truth is those who still experience the gift of synesthesia. There are over 80 known forms of Synesthesia. Synesthesia is when one sensory center is activated, and one or more other sensory centers are involuntarily activated. I will recall a true story I read in my research on synesthesia.

There is a book entitled “The man who could taste shapes, by Richard E. Cytowic, M.D., a Psychology Neurologist and Synesthesia researcher. Max is the man’s name and when he would could a particular recipe, like his famous Chicken dish, the aroma from the dish as it was cooking also activated his sense of sight, taste, touch, sound, and both the 6th and 7th sensory energy fields. While cooking this particular recipe he could see and hear the energy waves of the aroma in full color and orchestra, taste and feel the shapes of five points, and feel inside his body a sense of exhilaration. The rest of the science world, until the early 21st century, didn’t believe synesthesia was real because they could not witness for themselves, and it can never be measured for clarity and authentication. The science world said these people were liars and religions said they were evil, so they hid their Truth. They couldn’t share their gifts and were afraid they would be labeled witches and by hung or burnt at the stake. How sad for us all. We all possess some form of synesthesia and are told it’s not real, that it’s the imagination of a child. Our invisible bestest buddies from our childhood are our Guardian Angels and after a time we begin to believe the lies we are told that they are not real. We lose our first contact with the Divine in this human form because we believed the lie that they are not real. If we hear something enough times, we begin to doubt ourselves and what we know as true and in that doubt lose our own Truth. Our lives are led by the authority of others and not our own.

I would like to give you each a scenario and I would like each of you to place yourselves in one of the vantage points and then describe, briefly in the chat, what your experience is from each of those vantage points. Please close your eyes and imagine each of these views I am going to describe.

All seven sensory centers are how we experience our external world, informing our heart’s neuro system, which then stores those experiences in our body while simultaneously sending messages to the brain, so as to inform the brain of what is needed as mirroring messages for response to the experiences. This is our vantage, or view point.

We then store the overall information of an experience from our sensory centers in memory banks, both short term and long term from the information highway. This is our perspective. 

What we store then gets analyzed and retained for future use, known as our perception.

If we lack a sensory center, then our vantage point changes, thus our perception of that experience and our future perception for a repeat to that experience.  Let’s do a little experiential exercise to help us feel what this is. Read the experiential exercise all the way through and then try it.

Close your eyes. You now are blind. Do not cheat and open your eyes at any time during this exercise. If there is someone listening to this who has lost their visual sensory center, I would love your input after the exercise.  When we do not possess a sensory center, our other centers become more sensitive to compensate for the loss. Now, with your eyes closed, in your mind’s eye, experience going shopping in the grocery store. Take just a moment for you to experience this.

Now, without opening your eyes to type or write your experience of this little exercise, please write what that experience felt like to you in your other sensory centers. What were the feelings that arose in you within your outer and inner knowing? Do not cheat and look. 

Were you able to convey your experience in this exercise and read it clearly? What arose in your body? Fear? Doubt? Uncertainty? Frustration? Saying to yourself that this exercise doesn’t make sense or is senseless to do?

This exercise is one of vantage, or viewpoint, which informs you of your experience from your sensory centers.

Your conveyance of this experience is your perspective—how you interpret the information that is available to you from your vantage point.

A history of all experiences from this vantage and perspective is your perception. This is YOUR TRUTH. No one can tell you what your truth is, for your truth is your perspective of your life history in all experiences from your vantage point. This truth is a collective which results as one’s perception.

Now that we have the experience of these three terms recognized in our bodies, I want to discuss how our bodies hold the memory of all experiences in our lifetime. As I stated earlier, the heart has it’s own neurological system. It receives messages from the seven sensory centers and sends messages out into their perspective areas of the body, via major and minor chakra, or energy centers, while simultaneously sending those messages to the brain centers so as to inform the brain. The brain then mirrors those messages to all of the areas that the brain is responsible for in response to the information received.  This is what we call Heart-Mind Consciousness.

This is how we hold trauma in the body and that trauma becomes our Truth. I died when I was 10-days old and again somewhere around a year old from pneumonia. I hold that memory in my body, and this is the wisdom of my panic attacks and why they feel like death occurring in me over and over again. The panic attacks are not controllable. My awareness of them and knowing why they occur is within my control. This is where I breathe deeply and long to reconnect myself to my body’s awareness and feed back to it this awareness. The panic attack then subsides and I can move forward without the discomfort of the attack. My body is holding that trauma in its very core, the heart. This is another reason for our practice of breathing slowly and deeply. We are offering our heart the reminder that we live and the grace of the Divine. As we breathe in we breathe in the grace of life from the Divine. As we hold the breath in, we hold gratitude for that grace. As we breathe out we offer that grace, borne of gratitude and not fear, to the universe.

Living with grief is a lifelong transition in this breath. We will forever hold some form of grief in our body, for it is a part of who we are. It is our part of our Truth. How do we wish to use this knowledge as wisdom for our greater good and the greater good of others. This is what I help others to see for themselves. Each person’s Gifts in their grief is very different from someone else’s. As Single Parents of an Ascended Only Child, we have died, have walked or are still walking in the Shadow of Death, and must see our way through the darkness to the Light of the Living. We do this to honor ourselves, our child, and the journey we both are now on. This is our humanity and we must honor our humanity, with dignity and grace, so as to be the legacy of our life with our child. What do we want that legacy to be?

What is our Truth now? How do we share our Truth with others so that they may carry that Truth to others and for themselves? We are a gift to the world—each of us—and that gift is a human form of Divine Love. That is the sole purpose of each human being—to be the source of Love and to receive Love. How we become this source is our gift to the world. The next time you feel the rush from your grief of your separation from your loved one, remember to just Breathe.

Cynthia Eyer

Cynthia Eyer

I am the owner and founder of the White Phoenix Awen Center. This Center is my gift to all of you who want to know your own why for all your experiences and following choices in your own life, as well as your Truth in and for your life. May it be the enriching offering that brings you Divine abundance in all areas of your life, rising you up from your own ashes to fulfill your greatest potentiality, your sharpened edge between your shadows and your light. May you become unencumbered from your past and rise like the powerful, embodied Phoenix that you are.

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