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Welcome to the Rising Ashers Group Counsel!

I’m so glad you have come! I am here to help Guide you through your own transition and transformation—a cycle of death and rebirth to honor both yourself and your ascended child. Each journey is unique in experience and time. The Group is a tool by which one gains clarity, assistance, hope, insight, and a new lens of one’s changing reality within their journey of transition and transformation. We evolve and emerge, as we rise like the Phoenix, from the white ashes of our own death, in a burst of life for life. In this, we honor our child’s life in who they offer in all who you touch. For our child lives within us still and we offer our emergence as a gift to them.

You are not alone ...

Let’s face it…as a Single Parent of an Only Child who has ascended, our life becomes a sad, lonely, and scarry existence if we can’t be REAL with the transition that has now just imploded within us. We Single Mothers of an Only Child are a very different collective. We aren’t better or worse, just different. We don’t have a companion to lean on nor other children that require our attention, love, and care. When our only child ascends, our sense of who we are and the legacy we hoped to leave behind within our child is gone—forever. The sense of our own purpose in life is shattered and there are no picking up the shards and putting it back together.

How do we honor ourselves and our child in the life we are left with?

How do we offer ourselves grace in our humanity with our deep grief?

How do we live on and offer ourselves the rite to be and do so?

How do we heal, knowing this grief will always be a part of who we are?

Join my Community of Love and Support!




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Twice a month offers us time to synthesize the exercises and to awaken just enough that we offer and a new found conciousness of self with an appreciation, respect, and grace not previously experienced or been aware of without losing the wonder and awe of those experiences. 

Twice a month also affords each of us the support when experiencing the profound changes that will come for our greater good in our darkness and our rebirth into the light of life, in life, for life.


8:00 – 9:30 PM Eastern Time

The 90-minutes allots everyone in the group time to share.




  • $44.00 PER MONTH

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  • $440.00 ANNUALLY provides two months for free

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About Cynthia Eyer

I am the owner and founder of the White Phoenix Awen Center. This Center is my gift to all of you who want to know your own why for all your experiences and following choices in your own life, as well as your Truth in and for your life. May it be the enriching offering that brings you Divine abundance in all areas of your life, rising you up from your own ashes to fulfill your greatest potentiality, your sharpened edge between your shadows and your light. May you become unencumbered from your past and rise like the powerful, embodied Phoenix that you are.

Group Counsil Guidance is like Empowerment Coaching, Only Better.- DUPLICATE- NEED TO CHANGE THIS TITLE

I want to offer you a safe place to heal and rediscover who you now are and who you will become. Please allow me to show you a vision of what has just occurred to each of us single parents whose only child ascended, whether that occurred today, or like me, almost 18 years ago. Yes, even after 18 years have passed, I still am gifted with a vision that deepens my healing and releases me within the deep sorrow and anguish that will always exist because of my and my son’s love.

The Vision is This:

In the last episode of “The Vikings” a single mother in a new land (now known as

Iceland) experienced the ascension of her only child, a son. In their tradition in this

new land, the mother folds herself up like a baby in a womb inside a basket and then

she is wrapped in cloth and leaf strips soaked in a honey mixture. They lower her into

the ground, which is lined with blankets and furs and place a lid on the basket, then

covering that with furs. They stand watch over her until she decides it is time for her

to emerge. The episode doesn’t tell us how long this is for her. I know this is by design,

for each Mother has her own time by which she dwells in the land of darkness before

she emerges into the Light of life.

She is “cocooned” in this form. Who she was as a single parent to an only child died when her child died. She needs to exist in the land of the dead and allow herself to be reborn into the land of the living once again. This takes time. This ritual is her outward cry of her internal state within this experience she must go through. For without allowing herself to transition from who she was to who she will become, she will forever feel lost and without purpose.

I would love to have this ritual for myself, even 18 years later, for it symbolizes my own death the moment my only child ascended. I experienced a different ritual to assist me in my own death and rebirth transitioning, allowing myself to cycle through what and who I saw myself as to who I am today.

Inside each caterpillar is the blueprint for who it will become. That blueprint for a single parent of an only child who has ascended emerges and is not a rigid plan. We continue to morph into our authentic, intuitive self, a melding of who we were and who we are to become. The Tomato Caterpillar becomes a hummingbird moth, and the Milkweed Caterpillar becomes a Monarch Butterfly. For a Mother of an only child, she becomes the creator of an outpouring of her sorrow and pain. We don’t know, at the time of the death of who we were as a Mother, who we are to become. The liminal stage of our transformation, transitioning to who we were to who we will become, is our cocoon state by which the blueprint will be revealed in its own time—not another’s.

The people that strike us as showing up for our greater good, be that pretty or no to our ego, will be our greatest assets within our transition and transformation. This is where a Group of like-hearted Single Parents of an Only Child who has ascended is our greatest gift.

We don’t have to pretend to be something or someone that we aren’t in that moment that arises within the Group. We might not want to become someone or something else because others outside of our sphere tell us we must, and it’s okay to stick with what we know in that moment in our liminal space we find ourselves. We are being reborn, emerging from our cocoons, and life is a newness that we must explore with a curiosity. Our life is no longer as it was, and it never will ever be again. It’s okay to be in a state of curiosity and allowing ourselves to be in our authentic self and listen to the inner voice through what our body is telling us—our feelings for life, in life, of life, with life.

We all experience the pitfalls of our grief as an overwhelming, discouraging, judgmental sorrow from unrealistic, cultural, social, and economic expectations. Although offered or given with altruistic intentions, some advice from those who have never experienced our unique grief as a single parent of an only child can derail us from our journey. Our grief isn’t worse or better than another’s, it’s simply unique by its nature.

Psychology Today states that the Potential Benefits of Grief Groups

Instill Hope

Those is support groups are more able, and willing, to see themselves in different stages of their grief transition and transformation. Some Members are in their acute phase and others are much further within their transition, while others are in their transformation phases. Each Member is afforded the gift of witnessing where they are and where they with to travel through the experiences of others. Our witnessing of self and others offers us hope that we will be able to move forward in our own journey.

Acceptance and Acclamation

One of the greatest gifts we can receive from a like-hearted, universal Group is acceptance of and in where we are currently at in our grief and a safe environment by which we become acclimated to the place we are at in our grief. Each phase, transition, and transformation is like a season that we must learn to acclimatize ourselves to and within. This Group assists all Members to learn the “temperature” and “season” they are in to help them to associate their feelings, thoughts, struggles, sorrows, joys, revelations, transitions, and transformations with. When we feel totally alone, misunderstood, or ostracized by the world because the people in our world are frustrated by their own lack of understanding, the support in this Group becomes the haven for understanding. This Group not only facilitates support within the Group, together we learn how to help others to understand and support us outside of the Group.

Group Information Imparts Wisdom

Those Members who possess an deeper wisdom within their own transitions and transformations are equipped to altruistically offer helpful insight, advice, rituals, practices, and understanding with compassion and empathy. The wisdom gained from our own experiences helps to lighten the load for others who are going or will go through those similar experiences. This brings us back to our Hope in that we are not alone and that we too can experience something different than what is currently our current world. It is important to state that each experience is unique for each person. We all might be in our cocoons, yet our transitioning within our transformation is unique—not better or worse, just different.

Group Cohesiveness

All of the aforementioned benefits create a cohesive bond for each of the Group’s Members. It is our human nature to want, to need, to belong. As single parents of an only child who has ascended, we feel like we no longer belong anywhere. We lose every form of identity that we have been told we are associated with. This sense of difference and isolation from the social norms impacts our sense of happiness and well-being. This impact becomes our reality. The Group breaks the perceptive lens of this reality and shows us the way out of the darkness.

If you can relate to any piece of this, I invite you to learn more about your own transition and transformation, emerging from your own cocoon of death back into a life that honors both your and your child’s life with grace and integrity. Learn to experience your own emergence within your own terms and in your own time.

Are you Ready to be Supported and Feel Empowered?

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