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Guidance for Single Moms and Gaurdians

Hello to All You Wonderous Souls of Light!

Croesos Cynnes!!

Welcome to Your Phoenix Risiing as a Rising Phoenix!

Welcome to the Rising Phoenix Counsel Single Mothers/Guardians Group Guidance for Single Moms.

Welcome to the information and sign-up page for the Rising Phoenix Single Mothers/Gaurdians Group Council Guidance for Single Moms. No matter how young or wise your age, if you were a Single Mother at any time for your Child(ren) then this Group is your greatest support for recognizing the Truth of your powerful empowerment you have, and still are for yourself and your Child(ren). Single Mothers come from many walks of life and become Single Parents for myriad reasons. This Group is to support our journey back to ourselves greatest Self, our Soul, while still fulfilling the gifts of being a Single Mother.

The Phoenix is a bird that possesses a heart sharpened from the flames, as iron is made into the blade of the sword of Maiden Warriors.  As we burn away our old perceptions, we burn away that which has never truly served us as women who are Single Mothers, individually or collectively, enabling us to rise like the powerful Phoenixes we are. This Group is formed to facilitate the deeper, intuitive understanding of the unique empowering and powerful Truth of those of us who are Single Parent Mothers. We are unique in that we are the only lifeline for ourselves and then for our Child(ren). Single Mothers give all of themselves selflessly, spending long hours caring for their Child(ren), then splitting their time between the responsibilities of home and work areas, and then what small amount of time and energy remains is dedicated to caring for herself so that she has a semi-full well by which she offers her greatest gift to all—her Self. 

We aren’t just Single Mothers, we are powerful, empowering, sexy, confident, capable Women!!

A Single Mother’s legacy lives beyond them and they learn to become both the female and male energies, lived in integrity with honor for Self and her Child(ren). So much time is offered to hear and see others that most Single Mothers aren’t given the opportunity and gift to be heard and seen by others.

We, as a group, will take a topic of great interest that is lived by almost every Single Parent Mother at some time in her life and discuss it amongst the Group. The Group is facilitated within the practice of Way of Council. Beginning the Second Week of October 2021, the Group will meet bi-weekly, the second and last Monday of every month, for 1.5 hours each gathering. There will be two groups I will offer to best facilitate time-zones and/or work schedules. Each Group will be limited to only 30 Single Mothers so that each member is given the opportunity to share what is within her that seeks to be heard and seen by others.

Times for our Single Mothers Group Council Sessions is Ninety (90) Minutes to enable all members to participate in being heard and seen in Council. Each Group will not exceed Thirty (30) Participants to facilitate Group needs. Each Member will sign up for one session, either morning or evening. Because Members are limited to 30 participants and life sometimes doesn’t allow us to be where we would always like to be, recordings will be made of the Live Zoom sessions and sent out to all Members via email. Women’s Group Council Offering per Group Session are as follows;

Space is limited to only 30 particpants for each group!


8:00 – 9:30 PM Eastern time

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INVESTMENT: $33 a month

Are you Ready to be Supported and Feel Empowered?

About Cynthia Eyer

I am the owner and founder of the White Phoenix Awen Center. This Center is my gift to all of you who want to know your own why for all your experiences and following choices in your own life, as well as your Truth in and for your life. May it be the enriching offering that brings you Divine abundance in all areas of your life, rising you up from your own ashes to fulfill your greatest potentiality, your sharpened edge between your shadows and your light. May you become unencumbered from your past and rise like the powerful, embodied Phoenix that you are.

Group Council Guidance is like Empowerment Coaching, Only Better.

The Group is its own council and I simply help guide you down your own unique paths of Truth. We SEE ourselves from a place of clarity, no longer accepting the status quo that has kept us in the endless cycle of shame and guilt as women that has colonized our minds, hearts, and bodies. When we first recognize ourselves with respect, not failed spouses or bad choice makers, our unique status becomes the greatest gift and asset of Who We Are as Single Mothers.

There are many benefits to groups specifically for Women, and now I offer even greater benefits for Women who are Single Parents.

Women’s Groups Share

their own perceptions of experiences, both offering and gaining a different way to see their experiences so that their experiences change for their better, greater good and life. What insight one receives is offered to all. Members gain insight for themselves in areas they may not have previously considered, as well as receiving valuable intelligence for experiences they are considering. Group members also help others to articulate and verbalize what is inside of them and needs to get out. Even someone’s silence bares witness to the depth of what resides within.

Women’s Groups Offer Permission

to each member to release the shame and guilt from a colonized mindset that has imprisoned their hearts and bodies. Members offer each other, and themselves, permission to let go of that which we hold onto. There is depth of meaning in “letting go” and we will venture into the depths together, as one. For that which one feels and experiences, we all are better capable of feeling and experiencing, affording us empathy and compassion. Our empathy and compassion is not only a deeper, intuitive understanding for others, it is the gratitude by which we see ourselves.

Women’s Groups Afford

each member to be seen, heard, and felt within the hearts of all. We hear from the heart, which is an active act of Listening. When I was an adolescent and young adult, my Mom would ask me if I was hearing her. Sometimes I would respond with “I hear you Mom, that doesn’t mean I’m listening.” Hearing is a response, where Listening is a mindful act of leaning in.

Women’s Groups Share

their knowledge and wisdom from their own experiences. We all learn, together, how to become our own source for grounding ourselves in our Truth in areas of our lives yet to be experienced.

Women’s Groups are a Circle of Confidentiality

who come together with common needs, desires, and goals. Circles of confidentiality bond to create positive, trusting, social interactions that all people have been taught to be weary of. This circle helps all to develop a trusting, supportive environment by which self-actuation and personal development are the evolution of each.

Women’s Groups Heighten Emotional Intelligence

thus improving conflict resolution. We learn to Act, and not Re-Act from old patterns of thinking from colonized belief systems that told women that are possessions and not worthy of personhood. This increased awareness to act from one’s Truth is a psychodynamic process that is honed and sharpened within the Group. One’s Truth becomes the “anti-fragility” that is their highest Self.


I first would like to help you understand the practice of Way of Council and how this practice assists with the aforementioned Group benefits and coming into One’s own Truth with integrity, honoring the Self within One’s life evolution. I learned about the practice of Way of Councils in my EcoPsychology Masters program, reading and participating in the practice from the book Way of Council, by Jack Zimmerman and Virginia Coyle, (1996).

Way of Council is a group format, embodied in the circle of equality. Group members are afforded person-centered lessons in what it feels like to come from the heart, the greater Self (Soul), when listening and speaking from mutual respect, honor, and compassion, without judgement. The Way of Council modality facilitates the integration of the physical, mental, and emotional perceptive learning model for person-centered empowerment. Group members learn to understand and articulate their own experiences through sharing with others. Sometimes the profundity of a single individual who is in touch with the larger truth – and whose clarity is enough to reflect it in Council – can assist in bringing the entire Group’s circle into that larger truth.

Members become more capable of seeing themselves in other’s stories and know they are not alone and that their experience is not an isolated one, thus they are not an isolated Being. Isolation is the result of guilt, shame, anger, rage, emotional pain and sorrow, and the self-loathing perspective that is so prominent from traumatic experiences. Isolation permits one to inflict upon themselves these perspective beliefs without interference and intervention from others. Isolation becomes the space to freely continue the harm of traumatic events, such as mental turmoil, drug and alcohol addictions, self-harm, self-inflicted abusive behaviors, abusive eating disorders, social disorders, and repeated attempts at suicide, to name just a few. The greatest benefit to group coaching and therapy, individually and collectively, is that the participants begin to open their cages of isolation and interact with each other, releasing the roots that ground them in the repeated drama of their trauma(s). One’s Truth begins to emerge from the release of those bonds.

In Way of Council practice, we hear, see, and witness each other from the heart. We then respond from the heart with kindness from our Truth. We receive in Group Council with all our senses. Within each sensory perception is a liminal space to breathe before responding with either an action or a reaction. That liminal space is where we recognize our own Astral Light within. Astral Light is our Light within our entire being and comes from Spirit, unconditionally. Our Astral Light effects the subtle movements of our sensory perceptions we know as “feelings.” It is important to know that feelings play out in the theater of the body and emotions play out in the theater of the mind. It is also important to understand that the mind is the frontal lobe where perception is created from experiences of all seven sensory fields of ones Being.

It is the body’s interpretation of an experience that informs the brain by way of the heart. The heart receives the messages of feelings experienced in the body, interprets them by way of the hearts neurological cluster, and then sends signals to the brain. Thus, it is the Heart that takes precedence when in Group Council. As Group Council is all about actual life in the moment, we eventually take this practice into our individual, unique experiences and receive even greater benefits in our life for our life in our Truth.

Are you Ready to be Supported and Feel Empowered?


Learning one’s Truth can be unsettling and will definitely disrupt the sleepy mundaneness of ordinariness. Truth is also the radical transformation that one experiences to their own creative Being, shattering the blinders to unlimited possibilities of their greatest potentiality in, of, and for One’s life. As Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a noteworthy author and philosopher, wrote this about his concept of “anti-fragility”

"Some things benefit from shocks; they thrive and grow when exposed to volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors and love adventure, risk and uncertainty. Yet, in spite of the ubiquity of the phenomenon, there is no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it anti-fragile. Anti-fragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the anti-fragile gets better."

We are not “fragile women” without a man in our lives to help us raise our Child(ren) nor are we ever incapable of being both a Mother and a Father. Single Mothers are the strongest, most empowering, anti-fragile Beings of our world.


Rising Phoenix isn’t

about Spiritual bypassing, leaving our decisions for our Being to a higher Being. It also isn’t about bypassing our own sense of responsibility and willing participation for where we are, right now, in this moment. We may not have set up the scenery, but our willingness to continue to participate in that scenery is our own part in the continuation of that scenery in our life. The myriad of how our participation shows up in all our experiences is discussed in depth in Group Council.

Rising Phoenix isn’t

about blaming others or digging up the past. It’s about finding the miraculous joy for life, in life, with life—our own life—in the seemingly mundane of life. In our journey of our Truth, our Purpose, our Living from joy. Joy isn’t find it in the exclamation points. We find ourselves in the commas, because as Samantha Brown says, the commas are where we find the expressions of ourselves. The comma is found in the space between each breath, each thought, each emotion, each sound, each word, each movement, each part of the journey as a Single Parent, no matter the destination. For when we sense we have “arrived,” that sense turns into a knowing that this comma is simply a reflection point for the remainder of our journey.

Rising Phoenix is

about coming face-to-face with willingness to participate in our fulfillment, to be the fullness of the well of our own nourishment. Our cups from our wells sometimes are empty because we don’t see to fill them up ourselves. We forget the power that lives within us and at times seek our validation as Women, separate from motherhood, from outside sources, allowing those sources to dictate to us our value. We wait and let others determine when our cups should be filled and by how much and with what they fill it with. This is a colonized mindset and it is time to decolonize our hearts, minds, and Souls and become our own Truth. We aren’t just Single Mothers, we are powerful, empowering, sexy, confident, capable Women!!

It’s time to meet our life in challenges, hopes, dreams, and opportunities with the collective wisdom of our ages, and the fluidity and the care of awakened and evolving hearts and minds. It’s time to have “an evolutionary relationship to life” as we mend and unite our Spiritual practice in the domain of our everyday living of our lives in our Truth. It’s time to become anti-fragile and rise from the ashes of the volatility, randomness, disorder, and stressors of our lives and lean into love, adventure, risk and uncertainty, daring to Be our Truth.

Arise and BE the truth in Your Truth!

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Empowering, Powerful, Confident Single Mothers

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